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Commonly asked questions > Competitions & Promotions > T&C's for WaterStore’s "Free Pump Package with every large tank sold" (June 2018)

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WaterStore's "Free Pump Package with every large tank sold".


This promotion applies to all Water Tank and pump packages purchased from WaterStore, either through our store or by our valued customers online during the dates mentioned below. To be eligible to claim the Free Pump Package, the following must apply:

1. Purchase - you must purchase one water tank (9,000 litres or larger). All Purchased tanks to be eligible for this offer must be paid in full by 29th June 2018 The pump is eligible for free delivery when delivered WITH the tank that has been purchased with the free pump promotion aforementioned in section 1.0. This pump and tank deal must be delivered together to the same address, on the same delivery vehicle, on the same day; at our standard retail price, either purchased by you, or on your behalf through a friend or relative. This offer does not apply with any other offers or specials.

2. When purchasing your tank & pump package, you must mention this offer to the salesperson.

3. The purchase must be paid for in full 2 working days (48 hours) before the expected arrival of your tank to be eligible for this offer.

4. The purchase must be delivered in full.

5. You must activate your warranty online through our website.

6. Valid only for the specified Tank & Pump purchases made between 20th June and 2nd July 2018.Previous purchases are not eligible for this promotion unless the criteria in section 1-7 is fulfilled.

7. Pump give away promotion is only for polyethylene domestic water tanks purchased; steel tanks, wine tanks, bladder and underground water tanks are not part of this promotion.

8. The free pump is a domestic water pump with a 2 year warranty, valid from start of delivery date: Norma or Maxi-jet brand. Once all the above criteria have been fulfilled, please sit back, relax, and be happy knowing ‘You gotta WaterStore tank !’

If you have any questions, please contact us on 1800 654 610. WaterStore Poly Tanks - 211 Wimmera Hwy Marong, VIC 3515 Australia (03) 5435 2388

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