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All steel access covers supplied by WaterStore Poly Tanks are Hot Dipped Galvanised to counter the effects of the acidic environment found in most grease traps. All covers to suit our grease traps over 600 litres have two or more separate lids allowing for easy removal by one person. WaterStore Poly Tanks can supply steel lids to comply with AS3996-2006 on request. Some products have been independently tested and test certificates can be supplied. Large multi-part covers have removable beams that span the width of the lid. Lifting devices and other options available are listed below.



Light Duty:

For use on footpaths where it is possible for a vehicle to mount the footway and for light vehicles such as tractors or livestock to use the pedestrian facility


Medium Duty:

For use in areas normally reserved for pedestrian and only occasionally open to vehicles for delivery or cleaning purposes or in an emergency, where wheel loads will not exceed 4 Tonne


Heavy Duty:

Products for unrestricted use in the carriage ways of arterial and other roads which may carry fast moving vehicles where the steel load will not exceed 8 Tonne


Extra Heavy Duty: (Priced and manufactured on request only)

Generally any use which will exceed the above parameters. Products can be manufactured to suit a particular application such as traffic on a construction site or for airports



Access covers should be placed level and inserted in surrounds before concrete is poured. Use this method for products to be cast into grease traps, precast concrete access pits and the like. This method is generally used where the opening to be covered is not within a building or concrete paved area.


The second method requires that either a rebate be formed or the pit wall is kept at the level which would otherwise be the bottom of the rebate. In general this method is preferred for large or heavy lids. The access cover or frame is set up on formwork so that it may be cast in situ with the surrounding floor or pavement area.


WaterStore Poly Tanks recommends that all concrete filled access covers are allowed at least 10 days to cure before use.




  • Pressure Short handle Lifter - $38 plus GST
  • Pressure Long handle Lifter/seal breaker - $57 plus GST
  • Locking bolts and security locking bolts (POA)
  • Brass or Stainless Steel trim (POA)