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Commonly asked questions > Installing Fittings in your Tank > How do I install fittings in my poly tank?

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Outlet fitting:

Using a hole saw, auger or splayed bit cut a hole slightly bigger than the thread size  

Ensure that the hole is not drilled too close to the base of the tank; at least 60mm from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the fitting.


12mm outlet = 28-30mm cutting tool                                     40mm outlet = 50-52mm cutting tool

25mm outlet = 36-38mm cutting tool                                     50mm outlet = 61-62mm cutting tool


Remove loose nut from outlet leaving rubber washer on fitting and push through the outlet hole from the inside of tank. In smaller tanks that you are unable to access, we suggest using a broom handle (for length) with a nail on it- place the outlet on the nail then lower into tank and slide through the hole.       Note** rubber washer must be in contact with inside wall of tank.


Whilst holding the fitting firmly from the inside of the tank, have someone fit the loose nut to the fitting from the outside and tighten. No other sealer is required. Do not over tighten fitting.

Use thread tape (approx 18 times) or paste when fitting tap or gate valve.


Overflow fitting: (see diagram below)

Using a Hole Saw cut a hole 98mm diameter into tank where overflow is required. (Any wood working tools, work with poly). Apply a small bead of silicone to the back of the flange fitting, place the fitting into the hole and insert 4 short self-tapping screws to secure. Be sure to fit pipe into the overflow flange to route the excess or overflow water away from the base of the tank.


Fitting Wall2wall tanks: 

Wall2wall tanks must be on a heavy duty concrete base (the ground MUST be 100% compacted prior to pouring the concrete). Follow standard outlet & gate valve fitting instructions. Included with this tank are 2 wall brackets which MUST be attached to the tank and secured to a structurally sound wall using stainless steel screws provided. Should this tank fall over it has the potential for serious injury or could be fatal - so please secure correctly. If your brackets are not installed - your tank is not covered under our guarantee.


Center pole Installation: (These are for Large tanks only)

Once the tank has been placed in the final position, place the un-capped bottom of centre pole over nipple in center of tank floor. Slide capped end into center of tank roof. Drill a screw through the roof of tank into the capped center pole to secure pole in place.

Note: Centre-pole is cut to the correct length, do not shorten.