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Rainwater is harvested from roofs, channelled down gutters and through downpipes. These surfaces can also catch dirt, dust and insects that can be captured in your water tank through the water collection process.  Leaf strainers, gutter guards and water diverters all provide protection against dirt and dust entering your tank.

Over a period of time, your water tank will build up sludge and muck that sits on the bottom and the walls of your water tank (especially if it has corrugated walls). There are many things which contribute to this such as:

  • wood fires (smoke can settle on your roof)
  • high tree areas (sticks and leaves can fall on your roof)
  • high traffic areas (polution from traffic can settle on your roof)
  • some new roofs (they have a clear film which eventually wears off)
  • Animals (dead possums, birds, mice etc)
  • Mosquitos (which can lay eggs and breed)
  • Eucalyptus (from over hanging trees) etc

It is recommended that you clean out your tank regularly every 2-3 years to avoid such issues occuring.  

Straight (smooth sided) water tanks are the easiest to clean.  How do you clean your tank?

  1. Once the tank is empty, spray down the inside of your water tank with a hose.
  2. Use a medium bristled broom to scrub down the walls. (do not use chemicals)
  3. Give the wall a final rinse and wash any muck out through the outlet.
  4. Your tank is now right to fill again.

For further information you can download a copy of 'Your private drinking water suppy' which has been published by the Victorian Government Department of Human Resources which is a guide to cleaning out your tank.