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Plastic Silos



Key features and benefits of our plastic silos:

  • Designed for liquids, grains, feeds, powders, semi solids and flowable solids.
  • Single mould plastic silo tank and lid construction, fully integrated design for strength.
  • Built in roof launder for flocculation applications in wastewater treatment plants and ideal for de-watering and product settling requirements.
  • Can be freighted as a flat pack or pre-assembled.
  • Plastic tank suitable for fertilizers as it won’t rust.
  • Standard Tank colour is natural with a range of optional colours also available.
  • Fully Food grade plastic tank, so ideal for foodstuffs or potable water.
  • 60 degree cone, for free flowing capability.

Heavy duty tank design to accommodate an S.G. (Specific Gravity) of 1.5. and various grain densities.


Plastic silo applications

  • Full range of commercial and Industrial process applications, ideal for flocculation, separating solids and batching plants.
  • Animal feeding systems for all farms; Dairy, Beef and Poultry, including Equine applications.
  • Full range of chemical storage and mixing applications, can handle wide pH ranges and a variety of chemicals. (M.S.D.S. product sheets required)
  • Ideal for Fertilizer and specialist storage applications.


Options for using your plastic silo

  • Individual plastic silo blanks are available.
  • Silo stands are available in a number of height configurations (P.O.A.)
  • Full range of product outlet configurations, up to 100mm, with various options for valves, elbows, chutes for offset empty etc. 
  • Steel outlet mounting cone allows broad range of attachments.
  • Service ladders available on request.
  • Additional inlet and outlet fittings can be added on request for probe, sampling or chemical injection points.

For more information regarding our plastic silos or other products, contact WaterStore Specialised and Industrial Products on Freecall 1800 654 610.