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Rotational Moulding

Speak to the specialists in custom rotomoulding today

Sometimes, it seems impossible to find an off the shelf solution for your commercial needs.  That’s when you turn to WaterStore Poly Tanks for all your custom rotational moulding requirements! We are more than happy to assist in all areas of custom roto moulding, whether providing our design expertise to help develop your product, manufacturing the mould or simply manufacturing your design! 

Our design Team uses only the latest technology and would be more than happy to speak with you about your rotational moulding needs.


Initial Consultation process.

Got a great idea? Our team of professionals have the expertise to work with you to design the rotomoulded product  to suit your particular application.

After an initial product discovery meeting,  designs and roughs are drawn including the required features and benefits.

This initial design information is then moved through the various departments at Waterstore to ensure compatibility with all the manufacturing processes.

Development time is charged at an hourly rate of $80


Product design and preliminary testing

Once the working design is finalised and all parties are in agreement,  a mechanical drawing is then developed using  Solid Works for our mould Fabricators.

A 3D image is also formed so that all facets of the product can be displayed, and any required changes can then be made to this  primary design drawing

Design time is charged at an hourly rate of $80


Prototyping and in service phase

A  mild steel mould is then manufactured in our onsite workshops  and several plastic prototypes are then created for testing purposes.

This enables shot weight and cook times to be determined, which will be a key component in the final pricing of the product .

We also provide 2 prototypes for the client to do on site testing and look for any “in field” issues. If changes need to be made to the product, this can be achieved while the mould is in its steel form.

Prototyping  is charged per job.


Final product manufacture

Once all parties are satisfied, production can then commence. 

Further moulds can be manufactured so that high volumes  can be achieved.

If  alternative surface finishes are required, there are a number of mould options including cast, stainless steel, fabricated Aluminum.  

Final product is charged as price per piece


Here are some photos of a few of the different custom moulded products we have made over the years.



Bund Pallets

chemical pallet base2

wrapped chemical pallet bases









Diesel Tanks

 diesel tank top








Custom Made Trickle Filter for Melbourne Aquarium:

Complete FilterWe were asked to design a trickle filter for the Melbourne Aquarium.  The filter needed to be made from plastic because it is chemically inert (non-reactive).  

Our 900lt tank was used to do the job.  The tank is fitted with a fully fabricated dispersion plate secured with nylon bolts.

This filter was a 'one off" item that couldn't be found elsewhere.  

Dispersion PlateInside FilterClose up of nylon bolts



Auger parts

 Chain Guard 10001200 down shute









Air cooler bodies 

cooler body 2


Sailing Dinghy

 x3 sail



stacked dingeys


Playground slides


curved slide red slide


Industrial Vacuum Bins



Various Other Custom Moulded Products:



 WaterStore Bay Monitor Bases




WaterStore Auger Hoppers

WaterStore Bay Monitor tops


WaterStore custom moulded products - various

 WaterStore - Pallet of Supplement feeders

WaterStore Supplement feeder troughs

 WaterStore Portable Toilet Roofs