WaterStore Poly Tanks - Poly Water Tanks

WaterStore supplies food grade polyethylene (plastic) tank solutions to the wine industry.image

Polyethylene (food grade plastic) is accepted by wineries all over the world as a safe alternative to Stainless Steel tanks and barrels – all at a fraction of the cost and without the risk of tainting. 

WaterStore offer you a great selection of specialised wine tanks and products manufactured from food-grade, virgin polyethylene, which makes them light and easy to move and easy to clean.  Our tanks will save you time and money whilst at the same time, assist you in the production of your premium quality wine, year after year.

All tanks are made from UV stabilised material.



Wine Tanks:

Each Wine Tank includes an offset fermentation lock in the roof, an 18mm gassing plug in the lid of the fermenter, a 50mm female outlet in the bottom of the tank (directly below the fermentation lock) an 18mm female outlet half way up the tank wall (directly below the fermentation lock) and poly plugs for all outlets.

1,000 Litre (220 Gallons)

Measurements: 2.25mtr Height x .80mtr Width

Weight: 40kg

2,500 Litre (550 Gallons)

Measurements: 2.10mtr Height x 1.32mtr Width

Weight: 75kg

5,000 Litre (1,100 Gallons)

Measurements: 2.43mtr Height x 1.74mtr Width

Weight: 125kg


Open-Top Wine Fermentation Tanks

The open-top fermentation tank can be fitted with a 50mm spinweld fitting and plug upon request.


2,300 Litre (510 Gallons) Sediment Tub

Measurements: 1.10mtr Height x 1.82mtr Width

Weight: 75kg