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Water pressure to be cut.....

SYDNEY Water is to implement further cuts to water pressure across the city as consumption has begun to rise after the easing of restrictions

The return to normal weather conditions in 2008-09 boosted consumption to 310 litres a day per person from a low of 308 litres the previous year, ending a series of declines since restrictions were introduced earlier this decade. As well, 2007-08 was wet and cool, which reduced water demand.

Though consumption is well below the 329 litres a day.... per person target for 2011, the decision to ease restrictions will lift usage to closer to this level,according a report released yesterday by the NSW Auditor-General.

Work on the Kurnell desalination plant is to be completed soon, which will be able to supply up to 15 per cent of Sydney's water supply. When completed, the plant will be operated at maximum capacity for two years, with Sydney Water signalling that this could be extended for up to four years in total.

Water recycling is also being increased, with the aim of accounting for 12 per cent of supplies by 2015.

These three measures combined will slice around 19 billion litres a year off water demand, equal to 3 per cent of the city's annual water needs, the Auditor-General's report said.

In the absence of water restrictions, water consumption would have reached 372 litres a day per person, with the restrictions estimated to have saved as much as 100,000 megalitres in 2008-09 alone.

Cutting water pressure is estimated to have reduced water loss by 2900 megalitres, with Sydney Water targeting a rise to 6300 megalitres a year, equal to 2500 Olympic swimming pools, over the next three years by further cuts.

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