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Weather Prediction- Kevin Long

All indications are that this year will become one of the 3 or 4 wettest years on record.

Given the current continuing development of La Nina and other other positive sea surface anomalies both to the east and west of Australia rainfall figures in excess of 800mm  are highly likely before the year is out.

I don't expect next year will be as wet as this year but a good winter rain is highly likely next winter.

Solar radiation for the long term future is not looking good for productive rainfall after 2015.

Keep your eye on the website for more details about the declining solar cycles.  These have been the root of the rainfall declines during the last 40 years, together with regional climate change drivers such as The Chinese Effect and the 18.6 year lunar cycle.  

I hope you don't get too flooded to much this year.

Cheers Kevin Long

Kevin has been a keen observer of meteorological data and weather forecasting systems throughout his life. He has published quarterly seasonal weather predictions for Central Victoria since 2004, based on his study of sea surface temperature patterns and other climate indicators. These forecasts have been consistently close to the mark, without the “positive spin” so often put by government agencies and commercial businesses.

Kevin’s regular contributions to Central Victoria ABC Radio and local newspapers have helped raise public awareness of critical weather and water management issues in Central Victoria, especially in relation to water security for Bendigo and the local Lake Eppalock catchment.

The Long View- By Kevin Long

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