Water doesn’t taste quite right?
Friday, February 4, 2011 at 5:59AM
Lynne Remnant in Tips & Tricks

WaterStore Poly Tanks are made from a special food grade plastic that is especially designed to Australian Torquay Tanks may 06 006Standards, and it's rated for full potability (potability means it’s ok to drink)

With several thousand tanks being made each year, we occasionally receive calls from our customers regarding discoloration, odd tastes and strange odours… 

Is it your tank that makes the water taste funny?  Nope, the tanks are made from an inert material which has no taste or odour, so your water catchment is the key!


Here are some things to consider:

  1. Are your gutters clean?  Leaves and other debris can change the taste and colour of your water as the material breaks down. Remember, a gum leaf in a pot of Billy Tea changes the taste completely.
  2. Is the leaf guard clean?  This should be cleaned when dirty every month or so. 
  3. What is above the roof? Nesting birds can introduce E coli and other bacteria from their waste.
  4. Is it a new roof?  Many steel finishes have a protective coating that may wash into the tank.
  5. Is there slime growing in your tank due to high light levels?  ask us how to fix this.
  6. Check what is adjacent to the roof - smoke settling from a factory, major earthworks  If you have a woodfire this can cause a taste in your water.
  7. Check for dead animals in the guttering and tanks. It is amazing how mice, possum and birds can find access to tanks that you think are fully sealed.
  8. Check your pumps, as we have found mice in the impellor of a pump. 


What to do?

 2250 plumbed

If you are getting a funny taste, smell or discolouration, use our checklist above to do some detective work, or give us a call, we'd be happy to give you more information.

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