Households hit with 26pc water price rise
Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 10:02AM
Lynne Remnant in Water News

The cost of water is rising again, this time in South Australia.  The large price rise is to help pay for Adelaides new desalination plant.  The ABC reports that ....

Water prices will increase by more than one quarter on average next financial year in South Australia.

A rise of 26.3 per cent follows average increases of 18 and 23 per cent over the previous two years.

SA Treasurer Jack Snelling says the latest increase will add almost $200 to the average annual water bill.

"No-one's hiding behind the fact that these are significant increases to water charges," Mr Snelling said.

"I mean the Snelling household toilet gets flushed ... once every five minutes it seems sometimes so I know as much as anyone the effect of these price increases on ordinary families."

Sharp rises are to help pay for Adelaide's $1.8 billion desalination plant, which is yet to come on line.

Opposition frontbencher Rob Lucas says even before the latest increase, someone using 300 kilolitres of water has seen its cost increase by 177 per cent since Labor took office.  View the full ‘Households hit with 26pc water price rise’ Article 

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