Rainsaver Does Not "Shandy"
Monday, May 23, 2011 at 3:14PM
Lynne Remnant in 6 Star Rating, Rainsaver

WaterStore supply the Bianco Rainsaver to many builders and plumbers, as part of our 6 star packages.  We get a lot of repeat business from these builders and plumbers as they like the Rainsaver and find it easy to use.

Apparently there has been some misinformation floating around about Bianco Rainsavers mixing tank water and mains (known as "Shandying").   Bianco have created the below video to demonstrate these claims are false.

This demonstration is using a Divertron 1200 submersed in Blue dyed water (representing tank water) and connected to a Bianco Rainsaver MKIII Change Over Device.


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