Part 3 – What type and size water tank should you choose?
Friday, May 6, 2011 at 4:25AM
Lynne Remnant in Tips & Tricks, Water Saving Hints

Today we are featuring a short video from the Institute for Sustainable Futures and the Dusseldorp Skills Forum about the different tank types available, installation considerations, sizing, mosquito protection and overflows.

There is a huge range of choices available when choosing your water tanks, and some water tanks suit some areas and requirements better than others.  If you are short on space, the handy slimline tanks can fit in small spaces, or you may want to install a bladder tank or underground tank.  If you have room, poly tanks are a cost effective way to go, and if you need large amounts of water storage, built on site steel water tanks may be the answer.

The following video gives a quick run down on the varying types of tanks you can choose from, and other handy hints.



WaterStore provide a full range water tanks for you to choose from.  We make the ever popular polyethylene or “poly” water tank here on site.  We also sell large steel built on site water tanks, and bladder tanks suitable to go under your house or deck.  Please give us a call if you would like some free advice as to which water tank would suit your house the best.

Next week we will feature the final part in this video series, which will look at the getting the water out of your tanks and into your home.

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