January 2016 Special on Water Carting tanks
Monday, January 11, 2016 at 3:49PM
Lynne Remnant in Tank Specials

Special offer for the month of January 2016 - every 1,000 litre watercarting tank purchased ($985) we will give you a free 100lt water trough (worth $148).

Especially with the heat at the moment, if you are trying to keep stock or trees watered, these watercarting tanks are great to put on the back of a ute to keep the water flowing around your property.

Our watercarting tanks are ideal to go on the back of a ute or a small trailer.  They have moulded legs for stability, a screwtop lid in top of the tank for easy filling, and a 50mm brass outlet.  


Height - 1000mm, Length - 1600mm, Width - 960mm.

Price is ex-yard from our factory only, or we can organise delivery of your tank direct to you for $50.  The 100lt trough includes a float valve and a drain plug.  This offer is only for orders placed from 4th January to 31st January, 2015, and does not apply with any other promotions.

FREE 100lt trough with each watercarting purchase

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