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1000 Litre water tanks only $100!!

Sunday the 7th Feb marks our annual Factory Seconds Sale, with huge discounts off all scratched, marked, dents and ex display stock!!

1000litre tanks only $100 ex yard

2500litre tanks only $300 ex yard

Large assortment of size and colors, also available are various troughs, ponds and pumps!

Free BBQ held by the Marong CFA, with balloons and lollypops for the kids.

Sunday 9am

211 Bendigo-St Arnaud Road, Marong 

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The Annual FACTORY SECONDS sale is on once again, with our gates opening this Sunday (7th FEB) at 9am. Get in early to beat the rush!

Huge assortment of seconds water tanks with varying degrees of scratches, marks, dents and the occasional ex-display tank- all tanks must sell!

Price reductions of up to $600 on some water tank lines. Super specials on the 1000 litre water tanks at only $100 and 2500 litre water tanks for as low as $300.

Many sizes, colours and prices to choose from, a large range of troughs, water pumps and cartage tanks also available on the day.

Free BBQ provided by the Marong CFA, as well as balloons and lollypops, so bring the kids along.


 SUNDAY 7th FEB 9am-3pm 

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How they survive.....

Bob Angove, Director of the Bendigo Bowls Club

“We’ve got four grass greens and they are all nice and green,” Mr Angove said. “They each get an hour of water, usually twice a week. “We’ve got the recycled water, of course, which helps.”

Mr Angove said it took up to 10 hours to water each green, using almost 100,000 litres of water.

“In the hot weather we use a bit more, especially through the 40-degree days,” he said. “It’s low-cut grass so it burns easily - you’ve got to keep the moisture up to it. “We’ve got one tank that holds 93,000 litres and the other holds 22,000 litres and they are nearly empty once you water a green.”

Until 2007, the club was forced to use town water on the greens, but Mr Angove said the connection to recycled water made a huge difference.

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The Water Store site was buzzin this morning with a hive of activity and excitement among staff and contractors as the new shed roof was finally craned on thanks to Leechs cranes!

Shed number 5 is fast nearing completion, making way for a larger storage and production capacity.

The last few years have seen a number of new buildings appear including a brand new state of the art office, 2 brand new 20 x 60 sheds, complete installation of a new CFA approved fire service and the completion of the biggest rotational moulding machine in the southern hemisphere.

Thankyou to all the contractors, suppliers and staff for your assistance in getting these projects up and running!



What is climate change?

These gases would absorb heat from the sun and create a warmer atmosphere.

Burning fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and gas, clearing forests and using manufactured gases such as chlorofluorocarbons is thought to increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – the layer of air that surrounds the earth.

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