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What does El Nino mean for us?

We have been hearing a bit about El Nino lately.  Have you ever wondered what it means?  and how it affects our weather here?
To keep it really simple, El Nino is part of a natural cycle of weather that affects the Pacific Ocean, specifically to do with the sea surface temperatures.  That warming and cooling of the ocean temperatures then has a follow on effect to us here in Australia.
Most Australian droughts have been associated with El Nino, although we don't necessarily get a drought each time El Nino occurs.
It usually means for us here in Australia, that we can have reduced rainfall, warmer temperatures, temperature extremes, increased frost risk, decreased snow depths, and increased fire danger in southeast Australia - our area!
Currently we are in the early stages of El Nino.  The Bureau of Meteorology have said that the current May to July outlook suggests that much of Australia will be wetter than average.  There is expected to be much more effect in the second half of the year.
Want to know more?  the Bureau of Meteorology has lots of great information about this -



Recent 22,700 litre tank delivery

Always nice to hear from our customers, Jason Cain sent us a thank you this morning for delivering his 22,700 litre tank, he said:

"Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the tank you have provided for me, and the professionalism of your delivery driver Mitch.

I will certainly be recommending your business, product and professionalism to any one that is need of a rain water tank!

Warm regards,

Jason Cain."

Thanks Jason, we hope your tank fills up quickly for you.


Save your plants while you are on holidays

We are coming up to a couple of public holidays, and I know a lot of people take time off to go on holidays around Australia. But don't forget your plants! Here is a short video to help you look after your plants before you head off on a break - and it's a quick and cheap way to keep them looking well.

BUDGET DIVA | How to make a self-watering plant dispenser - YouTubehttp://ow.ly/KX8zb



Anglesea Community Gardens - new tank

Anglesea Community Gardens recently sent us a lovely photo of their new tank set up in their gardens.

They went in our competition last year to win a tank for a local community group, and were the lucky winners of a 5,000 litre tank, which they then upgraded to a 10,000 litre tank.

We are sure the extra water will be very welcome for their beautiful gardens, thanks for the picture guys!


Winner of the March 2015 Facebook competion

Thanks to all those who participated on our facebook page for our March 2015 competition.

Winner drawn by random generator is Damien Cross, congratulations Damien! 

We will have a 40lt trough up for grabs for our April competition, check back on 1st of April to enter.