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Falsely accused water cheats....

NEIGHBOURHOOD snoops have falsely accused thousands of Victorians of breaking water bans.

Nasty neighbours seeking revenge on enemies are among those making nuisance reports.

Other whistleblowers are genuinely unaware suspiciously lush lawns and gardens are due to grey water diversions and water tanks.

Ten households and businesses a day on average were dobbed in for illegally guzzling water across Melbourne in the past year.

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Burglar injured after drain pipe escape...

 A BURGLAR has fallen seven metres into the water tank of a Brisbane house after being startled by residents and trying to escape down a drainpipe.

The man broke into a house on Gladstone Road at Highgate Hill at 10pm AEST last night before the occupants woke up and noticed him.

A police spokesman said the man then tried to escape by running up to the third storey of the home and then scuttling down a drainpipe before falling into the water tank.

"He's damaged a water tank, damaged a fence in between the two houses and damaged himself," the spokesman said.

"The people at the home called police after the man limped off, but police caught him about 200 metres down the road."

The spokesman said the man has not yet been charged by police as he was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital with suspected internal injuries.

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50% tax break available on water tanks

If your a business, then why not cash in on the 50% tax break on offer until the 31st December 2009?

The small business tax break was introduced earlier this year as part of the Rudd Government’s stimulus measures, and has been applauded by business groups as a way of assisting growing businesses through the downturn and stimulating economic growth by pulling forward investment.

Under the original model, the tax break was set at 30% for assets over $1000 that were purchased between 13 December 2008 and 31 December 2009 and installed by 31 December.

But under the new 50% tax break, the business will be able to claim a tax deduction of $15,000 (that is, 50% of $30,000).

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155 Litre Target


Demand for water exceeds supply...

There's good and bad news from a report on the world's water scarcity out today from McKinsey & Co.(commissioned by water-dependent companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, World BankFinance Corp etc)

The bad news: Global demand for water already exceeds supply -- about 1.1 billion people don't have access to clean water -- and the so-called water gap is increasing at an accelerating rate.

The good: Cost-effective, sustainable solutions are available to close the gap, particularly if governments and business focus on reducing demand rather than trying to generate additional supply.

The challenge: Getting beyond the nostrum that water is a "human right" so that water, which is obviously a scarce resource, can be priced in a way that drives conservation.

One more thing to know: Water issues are at least as complex as energy, and all water problems are local, so generalizing about water, while inevitable, is invariably misleading.

To read the full story written by Marc Gunther and posted on greenbiz.com