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Water Savings checklist for Spring 2016!

Now that we are into spring, it's a great time to just do a quick check over your home and garden, to make sure you are making the best use of your water.

Choice has recently posted a very useful checklist for everyone to help minimise water loss around the home. Is there anything on this list that you need to fix?



How a WA couple have used hardy plants as a firebreak.


Yallingup couple's fire-resistant succulent paradiseThis story is from WA, but very interesting as to how this couple has used plants as a firebreak around their property, but haven't sacrificed beauty to do it.
I thought this may be of interest to some of our customers who live in high fire danger areas.




Time to make sure your gutters are clean...

We hope all of your water tanks filled up over the last few days with the recent rainfall! 

Now is a good time (if you haven't already!) to check your gutters are clear of leaves and other debris, and make sure your strainers are clean. The cleaner your gutters are, the more effective your collection of rainwater will be.

You want to catch every drop, it will soon be hot again, and you will need all of the water you can collect!


New mobile rainwater tank calculator available

We always like to let you know about great rainwater saving tips and ideas, and here is a great new app available for the Australian market. 

iSaveH2O helps you to discover how much rain water you can save by capturing water from your roof. Then see how much town water you can save by using rain water in your garden and home.

The app also has a live database of all the water saving products certified by the Smart WaterMark. This easy to use, comprehensive list enables you to identify water saving products and services when out and about.

The easy to use application will show you how much water can be saved using small, medium and large rain tanks. It will also show how much greenhouse gas emissions could be saved from the embedded energy in the collection, treatment and distribution of town water saved.

To ensure accurate results, daily rainfall, evaporation and temperature data from the Bureau of Meteorology for the past 10 years has been created for every postcode across Australia.

If you would like more information about this app, and to download it, go to the smartwatermark.org website.


Part 4 – Do I need a pump with my water tank?

Here is the last video in the series we have been featuring from the Institute for Sustainable Futures and the Dusseldorp Skills Forum.  This video covers the final information that you need to consider when hooking up your water tank to your house and garden.  Do you need a pump?  What about a mains top-up system? 

All this and more is covered in this short video.



WaterStore provide a full range of Orange, Onga and Bianco pumps, including the Bianco RainSaver and the Onga Water Switch.  Please give us a call if you would like some free advice as to which system would suit your house the best.