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Tanks in high places...

The places you find a WaterStore tank!

A client recently had a need for a radar dome cover for a restored Navy Corvette called the “HMAS Castlemaine”.  

This ship has been restored and is now a museum ship for the general public in Melbourne. 

The WaterStore 2,250 litre polyethylene tank was exactly the right size for the job!


Unusual tanks - a pool and games room inside a tank

We are always looking for unusual uses for water tanks, and at a caravan park in Cooper Pedy, they have a couple of huge water tanks which have been pulled into service as unusual storage. 

One tank contains a large swimming pool (and the pool itself looks like another water tank!).  It gets extremely hot in Cooper Pedy, so having the pool under cover maintains a much more reasonable temperature than outside.

Another tank contains a comprehensive TV/Games room..   

Have you seen any other uses for water tanks?


There's a tank on the road, but it's not the army's

We are always looking for unusual ways people use water tanks, but the Herald Sun recently had a photo of a tank being taken home on the top of a car. 

It's a pretty impressive feat, not something we would normally advise our customers to do! 

This photo was snapped on a highway just out of Hobart.





Australia's longest water trough

Jen and Mel are travelling around Australia at the moment, and sent through a picture of Australia's longest water trough near Derby (200km from Broome).

 To help with the transporting of cattle to the wharfs in Derby, a giant water trough was built near the Prison Boab.

The trough is roughly 120m long and can feed 500 bullocks at one time. The trough used to be filled by a natural bore water under its own pressure, but is now water is fed by windmill pump.

Farmers could stop here overnight and let their cattle have water before the last run in to Derby. The water trough is only 7km from Derby.

For more information you can visit the Derby tourism website here. 


What else can you use a tank for?

Australians are a very inventive and innovative people.  Throughout the drought, tanks were valued and used to save every precious drop of water.  Now days, we have so much water (think the recent floods!) that all tanks are full to bursting with water, and people have relaxed.old slimline tanks used for planter boxes

One of the disadvantages of having a long dry spell is that when you finally do get water, sometimes that old tank that has been sitting dry for a number of years can spring a leak. 

So what do you do with a tank that is no longer useful to use as a tank?  First, you ring WaterStore to get yourself a brand new tank!  Next, you find a new purpose for your old tank.

Peter, our travelling sales rep, spotted a great use of a slimline tank that obviously was past its useby date and snapped a picture for us.  (just to clarify, no this is not a WaterStore tank!)

water tank as side table


Another very innovative use for small galvanised tanks seems to be as very funky coffee tables, as seen by this photo of a coffee table made by Guy Trench, founder of Antiques By Design in the UK.

Have you seen any innovative uses for old water tanks recently?